"Unlike" a Virgin by Lucy-Anne Holmes

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So I have now been obsessed with all things UK for around three or four years now. I blame Jill Mansell and Katie Fforde for this obsession. They are so good at their craft, that they totally transport you to the little villages inside the pages of their books. Ever since I cracked open that first book (Honestly, have no recollection which came first) I have almost become a book snob. I actively seek out European authors because their writing is so unlike that of their Amerocan counterpart.

Having almost read all of the aforementioned authors books, I "amazoned" the recommendations based upon those authors and came across Lucy-Anne Holmes. I sure am glad I did!!  I have found yet another fab author to stalk their books!  Unfortunately, authors can't seem to crank out the books as quickly as we can read them!

Onto the book!!!   We meet Gracie Flowers, a top-notch realtor who is an honest to a fault type girl.  I was immediately drawn in within the first two pages I knew that this was a book that would capture my sometimes hard to focus, ADD attention!!  The first few lines captured me as Gracie Flowers proceeds to tell us how she isn't like all the other "estate agents" aka realtors (for us Americans).   Ms. Holmes has that great comedic voice that I love.   Gracie Flowers is an instantly like able character. She is in a relationship that has spanned a decade.

Gracie Flowers  didn't always want to be an estate agent. From the time she was a little girl her dream at one time had been to be a singer. When her father died whilst she was still in her teens, that dream was pushed aside. She stopped singing. We meet Gracie as of course as her life is about to go through an upheaval.

She has been on a five year plan, and has been hitting every goal. Within the first couple of  chapters, things start to go off course and virtually her plan falls apart.  The starting of it all is when she loses out on her big promotion to some new guy, endearingly nicknamed "Posh Boy".

We meet a variety of characters throughout the book including, Posh Boy, the new guy who  "stole" her promotion and therefore threw all her plans down the drain. We meet Wendy, Gracie's long time friend. Wendy helps to provide some stability to the storyline and is a strong supportive figure to Gracie's woe storyline.  Other central characters we meet are Anton and Freddie a father and son pair also friends of Gracie's.

There are definitely enough mishaps along the way to hold your interest.  And I must say that I honestly had no clue who Gracie's "Prince Charming" was supposed to be.   It had plenty of twists and turns along the way.  Of course the ending was wrapped in a nice bow.  This book made me laugh, it pissed me off and it made me cry.  It hit on every emotion and to me that makes an awesome book!

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"(Un)Like a Virgin" by Lucy-Anne Holmes

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