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Restoring Katie....
Awhile back I was browsing the Amazon Recommendations trying to find a book I could read based on a few books I knew I had read and loved.  I clicked on Restoring Grace to see what Amazon would recommend based on that book.  I had read this book a couple of times and loved it.  I was completely astonished to find that the book only had an average 3 star rating.

I honestly was furious.  Here was a beloved book by a beloved author getting crap reviews.  I immediately sat down and fired my own review off. Here is the review as posted on Amazon:

First of all.  This is chick lit.  Not the I want to write something and sound smart kind.  The good,

honest escapism. The problem with American literature, and especially that of the chick lit variety, is it tries to be serious and witty all at the same time, which is truly a hard task to pull off.  We, Americans take ourselves waaaaay too seriously and trying too hard makes you look like an idiot in my opinion.  There is nothing worse than reading a book where it's apparent that the writer is trying to win an award or get some kudos for bringing something more to the chick lit genre., there are perhaps those writers who can pull this off, one is Emily Giffin, she can take a serious subject and fill it with wit and humor.

Ok now onto Restoring Grace.  No joke I have read and retread this book three times and am sure will again.  I own all but one of Ms. Fforde's books and while there are def some I love more than others, she never disappoints.

We meet Grace, who has recently inherited a family home and an ex-husband. Clearly the subject of this book would be restoration.  We also meet Ellie, who arrives at Graces home selling house portraits.  What she gets is a friend. Shortly after they meet, Ellie is at loose ends as she finds herself pregnant and with no home.  She and Grace form a formidable duo.  They, while different, compliment each other's strengths and weakness'

There of course are antagonists along the way, including Graces sister (who is wealthy by marriage) who is very disturbed and envious of Graces inheritance and is determined to make her sale.  While we def have the house drama and restoration plot, we also have Ellie's sub-plot to keep is entertained.  She apprentices for a talented, but moody (of course) artist!  They def have a rocky relationship at best!

Through it all you have some drama, mixed with a good balance of humor and a great storyline.  It's not the next Pulitzer contender, but it is a great juicy read totally PG rated.  No parts that you skip over because really who needs to read detailed "love" scenes, if that's what your after, perhaps this isn't your thing.  It's good, clean chick lit!

Katie Fforde has a talent for bringing her characters to life, you feel as if you are right in the mix.  She also transports you completely to another place.  She is a master at her craft!  She's on my top three fav authors of all time.  Right alongside Milly Johnson and Jill Mansell.  If you have never tried UK authors or Irish authors, I'm telling you they will make you search the earth for their books.

I love that they all Re so fun and quirky with fantastic characters.  For the most part, yes it usually is going to have a happy ending.  But isn't that what we all want out of life?  If you like Sophie Kinsella / Madeliene Wickham you def should give these ladies a try.  And Restoring Grace along with Floras Lot and the Rose Revived, Living Dangerously (all really) are my favs!!

To say that I pitched a verbal "Hissy fit" might not quite be the appropriate wording, but I was flabbergasted that there were so many harsh reviews of this lovely humorous piece of fiction.  I suppose that is why we each were made differently. We aren't made to all like the same things, Thank God!  I just think that if you pick up a "chick lit" book then you shouldn't be basing a review upon the same criteria as you would an "Oprah" pick.  They are two separate types of books.  If you want to read a "chick lit" book trying to win some kind of literary notoriety than perhaps this isn't the type book you should be reaching for.

There are some people who thrive on the drama a book can provide.  The. There are those who yearn for a good starting over story set on a sweet "village" full of fun and vibrant characters.  Don't get me wrong, there is conflict.  Just not generally a shoot them up, drug and sex filled romp.  These are fun and sweet but there's definitely always conflict and drama on spades to these stories.  Just not the kind that perhaps that Americans are used to.

I honestly seek out books such as this one.  I've almost become a reverse snob of sorts only seeking UK authors, because I can't find many American authors who can hold my interest as these fab authors can.  The exception being Mary Kay Andrews (Please see the Author Spotlight blog I did on her). If you like clean chick lit that has interesting characters, DOESNT have sexually graphic scenes, and is almost guaranteed a happy ending, then you will most likely enjoy the works of Katie Fforde!  

Thanks for reading...  If you made it all the way through this blog, could u pls just leave like a little comment so I know I'm not talking to myself.  :).

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