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A few years ago I was completely oblivious to the world of chick-lit.  It was nothing but, mystery, thrillers and crime novels for me.  Johns Grisham being at the head of the pack as far as my choice of reading materials were concerned.

That all changed when I picked up, completely randomly, a copy of Hissy Fit.  Thus began my love of all things chick-lit.
This book was my first foray inside the wonderful world of humorous fiction.  I completely fell in love with the writing style of Ms. Andrews and quickly grabbed up every single book I could get my hands on.

The title of this book was what drew me in, if you aren't from the south, you may not be familiar with the term "Hissy Fit". If the Websters Dictionary were to describe it, it would possibly be a verb.  "Hissy Fit" v. A southern slang term for desciribing a tirade one throws when not getting their way.  Can include fist balling, lying on the ground horizontally and kicking feet against bed, ground or whatever other object in which the "usually woman" has hurled her body on, pounding fists against said object and usually mixed with tears and a whole lot of whining (or whinging - I believe is how th Brits pronounce it). 

Being from the south and ahem**. Throwing my own "Hissy fits", the title def is what grabbed my attention, but the storyline and writing is what kept my attention.  Mary Kay Andrews definitely gives an endearing spotlight to us southerners.  She captures the feel of the true southern lady with grace and humor.  Her writing is very easy to read, it's not that I want to make this seem like the worlds greatest novel- type of book.  It's good, honest, and fun chick lit.

Reading her books, leaves you wanting more and going in search of everything she's written!  She is by far my favorite American author and is the American equivalent to authors such as Jill Mansell, Milly Johnson and Katie Fforde.  If you are a chick living across the pond, and you've run out of great "European chick lit". I would suggest you give Mary Kay Andrews a go!  She's definitely a top notch writer!


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