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So, although I am quite new at this whole "Blogging" business, I am not new to reading.  Over the years I have book stalked many authors and have read practically all of their current books.  As such, I find that I probably need to go back through, give myself a tad of a refresher course and feature them little by little.  My home literally looks like a mini- library.  I have a very hard time doing the decent thing and "letting go" although, I have donated (to the local library) quite a few during one of my more charitable and clearing out phases.  Although, I'm VERY selective when it comes to doing such.  

I also am notorious for buying up multiples of the same books, unfortunately, my mother has quite a lot of my Mary Kay Anderews, Jill Mansell, Milly Johnson and Katie Fforde books.  I would love to try to collect them from her at some point so I could perhaps have a giveaway.  Oh well...  

A look at reviews to come...

These of course, only the beginning to Project Catch-up.   Missing notably is a Jane Costello book. She is another author I "book stalked". I will definitely be featuring her as well!!  

So, this is just a short and sweet post about what you can be expecting soon.  Clearly I'm a tad obsessed with UK and Irish Chick-Lit (love the chocolate too- Galaxy and Cadbury are freaking divine). I hope, or rather it is my goal to one day be able to visit the places inside the books I have read and fallen in love with! But, that's a whole other issue in itself.  

Do you have books or authors not shown, that you think I should read?  I'm always on the lookout, as unfortunately the authors can't write quite as fast as we can read.  

Until next time... Xoxo

Sassy Gal Reads

**Authors included in above pic are as follows:  Katie Fforde, Jill Mansell, Jenny Colgan, and last but certainly not least Milly Johnson 

Other books that will soon be reviewed:  The Tea Shop on the Corner- Milly Johnson (currently reading) 
& Lucy in the Sky- Paige Toon (Just finished reading)


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