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Ok. So it's a tad bit awkward to write about yourself.  Here goes...

Me in my FABULOUS Generra Jacket with my WHTIE nails

So, I'm a thirty something....  Kinda married (We've been together like eleven years, although no "official wedding"). Have two mostly great kids.  Ages 15 (son, Cody), 12 going on 30 daughter (Callie). I currently am running my own small business.

Oprah Show:  Dr. Phil (Grown Up Kids Who Mooch) Nov. 2, 1999

Interesting things about me??  My 15 minutes of fame:  I once was on the Oprah show...  Not for anything good, I can assure you.  I was a single mom living at home with my parents with my almost 1 year old son. My step sister and her husband were also living there with their child and she was pregnant again.  The title of the show was..."Grown up Kids Who Mooch ". It was a Dr. Phil episode.  Needless to say, it was quite mortifying M. It was a unique experience and one I can tell my grand kids one day, although hopefully by that time they will be oblivious to Oprah and her hugeness.

So, how do you top Oprah?  I guess you don't. So, anywho...  I am a recovering addict.  Through God's grace and mercy, he has restored me and my family. I spent eight years without custody of my children and dealt with DHR (Department of Human Resources).  It was my estranged mother whom first contacted them, (although at the time I wasn't using drugs) when they didn't proceed with further action, she kicked me and my children out.  With nowhere to go I asked if we could come back, she didn't allow me back.  She did, however, say the kids could come back.  So, I took my kids.  Two days later she reported that I had abandoned them

People deal with crisis in many different ways.  My response was to cope by taking pain pills.  It helped give me the energy needed to have a government agency watching your every move.  I have actually been clean for many years, although it took going to a rehab facility to get custody back of my children.  I won't go into all of the gory details.

If anyone could have an LMN movie about their lives, I certainly could.  It has everything: sex, drugs, a famous TV host, as well as a house fire (just recently).  I choose to only surround myself with positivity and people who support and encourage me.  I don't have time for people who choose to try to bring me down.

Ok, so that was kinda a downer.  I have two teen children.  Well, I have a fifteen year old son and a twelve year old daughter.  However, she thinks that she's thirty not twelve.  They are the light of my life, even on days when I don't necessarily like them very much.  I am extremely thankful for the ability to wake up and have them drive me nuts on a daily basis (and they do often.)

I have been an avid reader now for MANY years.  My first author I obsessed over was VC Andrews.  I stalked her books.  I stopped reading her when she died and someone took over her name.  It just wasn't the same.  But man, her twisted mind was fabulous!  I loved all the drama she offered within the pages of her books.  John Grisham was probably my second author with whom I actively seeked out.

I am fairly new to the whole chick-lit genre, but I absolutely adore it.  I have always loved how a book could transport you to another time and another place all from the comfort of your own home!  Books are the most fabulous past time ever created.  I usually average a book a day.  When I'm not consumed with making sales.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me.  I hope that I haven't frightened you away!  If I haven't, I look forward to sharing a little of my life with you.  One post at a time...


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