Review: Moody but Not Broody: by Kathryn Player

The Little Book that Could

I am super excited to review this book.  I really have a hard time opening myself up to trying new authors.  It isn't that I don't like trying new things.  It's the fact that so many times I have found myself unable to get past the first chapter.  So, I honestly wasn't holding out much hope when I downloaded this on my kindle.  In fact, I believe I started reading two other books before I got around to trying.

"Moody not Broody" captured me from the get-go with its title.  Whomever chose this title, knew what they were doing.  It isn't just a cute and quirky title that some publisher sat around and decided to throw on the book, it truly gives you a sense of the mood of the book.  It had the same humor throughout every single page.

The story centers around Emma, who does not in anyway, want to have children not now, nor ever.  Her husband, Mike, on the other hand is all guns blazing, ready for lift off.  The very first page, Emma tells us to not make promises to your husband, because you have to keep them.  At some point in a drunken state, she declared to Mike how much she wanted to have his children.  Well, now about around the first anniversary of their marriage, they are discovering that they may not be on the same page when it comes to reproducing.

I have read a ton of chick-lit that centers around women and having children.  I have to admit, that it's become a topic they I tend to pass over.  Those books always seem to have the same plot with such similar storylines. So, I am glad I didn't really look at the synopsis, instead trusted the twitter feeds which were all praise for this book.

Ms. Player, however, has managed to take the whole "baby" topic and give it a refreshing point of view.  She truly has been gifted with a wonderful wit.  Giving this book some brilliant dialogue and hilarious scenes.  I think that I laughed or smiled on every single page.  This wasn't a book that had some funny moments.  It was a book that was littered with humor.  Literally every single page there was something going on that made me smile and most times laugh out loud.

Emma and Mike are both in the educational field.  So, along with the baby theme, you also have it told from the perspective of a teacher.  It gave a whole new and fun perspective on the teaching field and added a human element to teachers.  Even as an adult, I tend to look at teachers as these infallible super creatures who do no wrong.  These were teachers I would want to hang out with.

Practically the whole cast of characters were teachers, and it definitely made you feel as if teachers actually have normal lives outside the classroom.  Shaun, one of Emma's teacher friends, is a bit of a pervy guy.  He's so immediately likable though and he's not pervy in a pervy way, but in a "I'm a man" kind of way.  His character was probably one of my favorite parts throughout the story.  Along with Shaun, you also have Mike's mom, Emma's parents, as well as Emma's best friend (who is desperate to get married).

Ms. Player was able to so expertly create a great cast of characters and dialogue that left you laughing and waiting for the next antic.  There were so many humorous notes.  It was one of those books that instead of a non-stop action, it's non-stop humor.  It didn't really have any low notes.  It took a serious topic and gave it a funny point of view.

The writing was honestly flawless.  In reading it, I would have NEVER in a million years have assumed that this was a debut novel.  It read like a seasoned professional instead of a writer's first book.  If she was able to create this much magic in her first go, I can't wait to see what else she comes up with. 

I definitely give this book Five stars.  The quality of writing was superb.  The dialogue hilarious, and the pace just right.  It had humorous moments that stay with you.  Even now thinking about one notable scene containing some "dog food" leaves me with a smile on my face.  A good writer is someone who can make you forget all that's around you and transport you into the world that they create and Ms. Player has definitely managed to do just that.  

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