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A Compilation of Recommended Reads

This is by no means a complete list.  This is just a list compiled of some of the fab books I have either read, or intend to read.  I have read most all, with the exception of a few.  However, the few that I haven't read, are on my "Wish List".  This is intended to be a quick way to find some new books, that perhaps you haven't had a chance to indulge in.

 PLEASE NOTE:  That yes, I generate a very small income from anything purchased through the Amazon links.  It is in no way an attempt to "get rich", but just as a means to help with some of the costs of maintaining this blog.  Every product that I recommend is a product or author I have personally read or intend to read.  I HAVE personally read at least each author in this list.  I also have read most all of these books, however, there are a few that I haven't had a chance to get my hands on.  Only one of Katie Fforde and Jill Mansell's books are books that are on my "Wish List", but I have personally read their other fab books.

I hope that you like the list I have compiled.  I will be adding to this list on a regular basis, as my own library grows.  I always look forward to hearing from readers and their recommendations.  So, please, if you have a favorite author or book I should read, please feel free to comment below!

Happy Reading!!


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