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This was the third book I have read of Ms. Diamond's.  I have previously read and loved "The Beach Cafe", which was the first book that I read and had me undoubtedly hooked on this fab "new to me" author, and also "Sweet Temptation".  Both were very excellent books.  I have had Me and Mr. Jones sitting on my shelf for quite some time.  One of the things I did during tax time this year, was purchased up a whole bunch of books that I had yet to read.  Unfortunately, one of the downsides, was I was inundated with so many books I was overwhelmed as where to begin. 

As were the other books, this was a lovely story, by an author who has yet to disappoint.  As the title suggests, we are introduced to the Jones Family.  The Jones family consists of Lilian Jones and her husband Eddie, and their three sons.  As with all siblings, they each have their own distinct personalities.  

Hugh is the eldest son, and is of course the more serious of the brother's as well as possibly the most "stable".  Hugh is married to Alicia and has three wonderful children.  Alicia, who is about to "not be in her thirties" anymore, is having somewhat of a late meltdown at the prospect of no longer being a "thirty-something".  She suddenly finds that maybe she doesn't want to be the reliable, do-gooder she's always been.  She finds herself wanting to try new adventures.  Let's just hope that she doesn't have "too many adventures."

Then we have David and his wife Emma.  David is the middle child and has always been very dependable to his mother.  An architect, recently David has had some career difficulties, that has left him a tad withdrawn.  Emma meanwhile, has her own secret desire and hopes and fears.  They each are going through some things, but neither being very forthcoming with one another.  They find themselves pulling apart and Emma begins to wander of perhaps "splitsville" might not be too far away.

Last we have Charlie.  Charlie is the stereotypical "baby."  He has wandered along in life without a care in the world.  He has no strings holding him down and has made a bit of a name for himself as being "unreliable."  However, one small favor for his sister-in-law changes all of that.

Izzy is desperately trying to escape her not so lovely past.  She's seemed to have found a nice new start.  She has a new home for herself and her two small girls, Willow and Hazel.  She currently is working two jobs.  One as a waitress at a local cafe and then as a dance instructor.  Things are starting to look up for her.  However, things can change when you least expect it.  One class might just change her life.

Lilian and Eddie are getting on up in their years.  They turned the family home into a lovely little B & B.  However, Lilian feels that it might just be time to retire.  She starts thinking about the future and what to do with the family home when they decide to retire.  Lilian, who's not been too great as a mother-in-law, is about to get a big scoop of a med called a dose of reality.  Sometimes the truth hurts, but it needs saying in order for us to examine ourselves and to take an inventory.

This was a fabulous story and I found myself getting drawn deeper and deeper into the Jones' family.  It was several plots interweaved beautifully.  Each of the characters, you find yourself rallying for and sometimes even getting a bit pissed at.  There were truly some shockers that I didn't EVER see coming.  Sometimes, when you've read books so much, especially by the same author it can be hard for an author to really shock you.  However, this time there were a couple of moments that shocked me.  I love when an author can pull one over on you.  Sometimes, books are SO predictable that you may not know which road your going to take, but you know where your destination is.  

I need to make me some star icons so that when I rate books, it can be a pretty visual image.  However, haven't done this yet, so...  I definitely give this 5 stars.  It had everything in it.  There were at least two separate times in which I found myself crying.  One of those times, I was literally crying like a 16 yo girl whose first love has just dumped her.  I was beside myself with agony.  

It is truly a gift to be able to connect a reader so passionately with the characters you create.  Lucy Diamond, definitely has that gift.  Even if you get angry while reading a book, then the author is doing their job.  So glad that I had the foresight to purchase multiple books by Lucy Diamond, as I won't have to wait the usual month (about how long for the UK books to make its way over to the US.  The next Lucy Diamond book on my bookshelf TBR: Over You.

I still have so many left to read.  That excites me.  I love when I still have a whole catalogue of books by an author that I haven't read yet.  All of her books look absolutely dazzling.  Can't wait to get my hand on all of them!

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