Review: The Long Weekend by: Veronica Henry

This was the first book I have read of Ms. Henry's, but I can say with 100% certainty, that it won't be the last.  Before even finishing, I had instantly gone onto Amazon to buy "The Beach Hut", as I know that when ordering import books, it can take sometimes a month.  I didn't want to leave it too long, before I began reading up her backlist of books.

The Long Weekend is several stories, within a story.  You have a cast of characters in which all have their own plots and subplots.  Stories like this are always a favorite, as you have so many different layers, so much drama that the pace never slows down.  Perfect for those of us with ADD.


The story takes us to the lovely, idyllic seaside town of Pennifleet.  The destination: "The Townhouse by the Sea."  The people who work at the gorgeous "Townhouse" have been keeping secrets. First, we meet Claire Marlowe and her longtime companion, Luca are the owners of this charming B & B.  Claire runs the operations of the hotel, while Luca is the star chef.  Claire, is an instantly likable character, who we soon discovers has some secrets.  The past that she's for so long has been running from, is about to come back.  The pain of the life she left behind, and all the memories she's tried so hard to keep at bay, will come flooding back.  

It's no surprise that Angela, the assistant manager has been so successful in her work life.  She has had to grow up all too soon.  With a less than happy home life and a mother who definitely won't be winning mother of the year, she has overcome the obstacles in her life and is determined to make a way for herself.  If only the secret she carries doesn't destroy all the hard work she's put into getting ahead in her career.  This weekend will, unknowingly, be a test for Angela.

Then we have the investors.  Trevor and Monique own a 20% stake in "the Townhouse", although they have been the perfect silent partners needed to be able to build "The Townhouse" into the great resort hotel it is today.  Trevor and Monique have come on a mission.  They have a dream, one that requires the cooperation of Claire and Luca.  There's much more at stake than they both dare to reveal.  They look on the outside to be a perfect, happy and shiney couple, but then again, things aren't always as they seem.  We all have pain, and for them, the secret pain they share is enormous.


The rooms are all booked, and the guests are about to check-in.  They have no clue that by the time they checkout, their lives will be changed.

Dan and Laura, on a visit from London, have come for a single purpose.  Laura has come seeking some answers.  Hoping to discover who she really is.

A seemingly normal couple, Colin and Karen along with their child have booked a room.  To outsiders, they may seem to be just another family.  In reality, their anything but normal.  This weekend will be a turning point in this "couples" relationship.  Colins life as he knew it will never be the same.  He's about to have to face up to his deep, dark secrets he's managed to bury for so long.

Then, we have the "Stag Party". The Townhouse has never before allowed a stag party before, but on the promise of the best man that there would be no hard partying, they made an exception.  The weekend is far from what the groom, Nick, had anticipated. It forces him to take a look at his life and what it is he truly wants in life.

This was a book that I savoured every delicious word.  The stories are weaved together, so beautifully.  I felt truly invested in all of the characters.  Oh how I wish I could just tell you all the juicy bits, *sigh* but I know that would take away the mystery and the joy away.  It was so intriguing to read as the layers came unpeeled and we saw glimpses into the secrets that these people had been hiding.  Neither the workers, nor the guests will ever be the same by the time the weekend has come to an end.  This has it all, all the drama you could hope for, by a brilliant storyteller.  

Veronica Henry definitely has a gift with being able to balance a wide range of characters and manages to so expertly weave their stories in and out seamlessly.  I honestly cannot wait to get her next book!

I definitely would give this a Five Star rating! 

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This book sounds really good! Great review! I also really like the styling of your blog!

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