A foray into the Unknown...

A Beginning Into the Unknown...

Today I will begin my foray into the world of blogging.  I have always considered myself to be pretty intelligent when it comes to technology, but I must digress that this is all a bit new to me and am gonna learn as I go along.  

I am a single mother of a 15 year old son and a 12 going on 30 daughter.  To say that I must find a way to escape my everyday life would be a complete understatement.  I remember when my kids were little thinking how much easier things would get when they got older.  Like tons of other things, boy was I wrong.  

So I have learned that I order to keep my sanity and prohibit myself from beating my head against a wall to escape through the wonderful world of books.

I began my love affair with books when I was extremely young,  but most notably as an eleven year old I discovered the books of V.C. Andrews and for some odd reason found the dysfunction in her characters to be addictive.  I loved the chaos that was always abundantly present in her books.  Perhaps it made my life feel quite normal after reading the crazy things that generally always happened in one of her books!

I'm a thirty-something and so needless to say I have had many favorites and gone through many genres in my years.  I am a a recovering addict and therefore anything I throw myself into I give it 1000% generally at least until one day I will lose complete and total interest in it and move on to something else. Although, perhaps that is more the ADD side of me that tends to lose focus rapidly. 

It is this trait that also causes me to not read half the books I start.  If I make it past the first five or six pages, the. It's probably likely that I am already enthralled and will stay reading until the wee hours of the night until I can no longer keep my eyelids open.

So...  Who knows where this thing might lead...  Will choose some books to pick from to begin my journey...

If anyone is reading this, thanks.  Hope your eyes are still open by this point!  

And over and out!



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