Review: The One and Only by: Emily Giffin


So, I have about read all of Emily Giffin's books.  The only one I haven't read yet is Baby Proof.  Although strangely enough I own two copies.  I'm a bit of a book hoarder.  I'm a sucker for second hand books at low prices, so I tend to grab them up anytime I see a book from a beloved author.  I have been a huge fan of her work for sometime now.  Before it was ever a movie,a I had read and Reread "Something Borrowed" two or three times.  Was pretty obsessed with the world and character she created.

Now, first I must make a disclaimer.  I am a southern girl. I hail from West Blocton, AL.  My hometown is just a twenty minute drive to T-Town (or Tuscaloosa, AL). Home of " The greatest NCAA football team" EVER.  When you are raised in the south, and more notably Alabama, football is born and breed in your blood.  I'm not just being melodramatic.  We honestly worship our players, coaches and Universities (as long as they have a kick a** football program). Being from Alabama, where we have not one, but two major SEC football programs, all the more obsessed we are.m in our state, you must align yourself from an early age.  And it isn't very often that you ever change side.  (Apart for perhaps a few rebellious moments as an angst ridden teen.). You primarily though, will always go back to your roots.

That being said, it was a mixture of joy and frustration when I discovered that the primary subject of this book was NCAA Football.  I was delighted to be reading a book by a beloved author who was giving our favorite past time such a spotlight.  However, it was a bit if a hard pill to swallow when the book centered around a Texas team, albeit a made-up team.  Still, there is still plenty of bitterness over one certain coach abandoning us for a certain Texas team.  Although, now we have arguably, the best coach in the history of NCAA history.  

So, having gotten over my trepadation that it was a Texas team, I dug in and really focused on the meat of the book.  The story is set on Walker, Texas.  The home of one of the top football programs in the country.  Our main character, Shae, is best friends with the Coach of said team (Walker) daughter, Lucy.  A death on the family sets off a series of events that changes Shae's comfortable existance.

Now a writer, she still has strong ties to the city and the college for which she has so worshipped.  She grew up right alongside the Carr family from the time she was in diapers.  Her and Lucy's friendship is one that has stood the test of time and boyfriends.  They have a very genuine affection for one another and it was one of my favorite aspects to the whole story.  It is quite evident early on how much respect and admiration that Shae has for not just e Carr family, but for Coach Carr.  She views him as the perfect man.  A perfect husband, father and Coach.

This is a story about not being afraid of yourself.  Not holding ourself back, and going after your dreams.  Shae for too long just went with the flow, and was in a sense not moving forward.  The death of Mrs. Carr brings about some major changes to Shae.  She will begin to question what it is that she wants out of life and begin to make some uncomfortable changes to venture forward.

This one is so hard to summarize without giving up all the juicy bits.  It was a gripping novel.  I literally read all night, until finally at 7:30 am, my eyes and brain could take no more.  Even in the first or second chapter though, although I didn't know which route we would go, I pretty much figured out the destination.  If I had one complaint it would be that it was too transparent and didn't leave u wondering where u were gonna go.  Sometimes it's nice when you go for a ride thinking your gonna go somewhere and finding yourself in a completely different place than you anticipated.  That was definitely lacking with this book.  

Also, the end was a tad bit anti-climatic for me.  I just felt that it wasn't tied up real well.  I can understand why it ended the way it did, and I can even see how it may have seemed like a good place to stop.  But somehow. It just was like oh ok.  I didn't feel much emotion during the book.  I didn't cry.  I got a little mad.  Although, the maddest I got was really the lack of notable mention of the great team that is Alabama.  

So, while I definitely without a doubt, liked this book, it wasn't the best.  It was a very, very good book. I could easily see it being a great movie even, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  I guess it was just too predictable.  You could pretty much guess what was gonna happen before it happened.  

Having just finished a book in which I was honestly unsure of where we were going next, it was so apparent at how transparent and predictable it truly was.  Although, it still made for a great read.  I still would give it four stars!  I guess when Emily Giffin has her name on a book, I'm always going to expect that biggest wow factor.  If you love Emily Giffin, I'm certain you will love this book.  I always feel dreadful when I have anything bad to say and almost as if, "Who am I" to judge it...  I have no BA in literature or English.  The only thing I expect that might qualify me is, I'm a fan.  A true book lover, who has mad love and respect for this industry and the writers who work so hard to help us escape from our own mundane lives.

I feel like I'm disrespecting an author to criticize their work, but this is just one lowly country bumpkin from Alabama's opinion.

Have you read this fab book yeta.  Did you find it predictable, or were you on the edge of your seat wondering what was coming around the corner?  Would LOVE you to give me a shout-out and tell me if my review was utter crap!  Lol

Thanks for once again tuning in to read my Ramblings.  Hope I didn't bore, irritate, or piss anyone off too badly!

Much love to ya!

Sassy Gal


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