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Sorry everyone !  It's been a really hectic week.  With the kids starting back to school in a couple of days, I've just been so scatterbrained.  I have felt pulled every which a way!  I also don't know quite how consistent I will be in the coming weeks, as our family has some stuff to sort through and some adversities to once again overcome.  However, I could lie in my bed and cover my head, or I can keep living.  I'm choosing to keep living.

We all have issues and struggles going on in our lives.  That's why my favorite thing to do is cuddle in my bed with a great book and get carried away by the lives of the fascinating characters these wonderful authors are able to create.  It's how I've "escaped" for many years.  Thank God for chick-lit.  When our own lives may be crumbling at the seems or life throws us curve ball after curve ball; We can always lose ourselves to the trials and tribulations of a great chick "flick" book.

I much prefer the drama of other's lives to my own.  :)  I've read some fascinating stories this week and can't wait to tell you about them.  I honestly have a pile so high that I can't even BEGIN to count how many books I need to read!  There are some great ones scattered out throughout my home beckoning for me to come and read them....

Good Things to Come....

A Cottage By The Sea $3.99 on Kindle!
By:  Carole Matthews
Review to come soon!  I recently did a review on Carole Matthew's books, "A Place to Call Home ", it was such a wonderful read that I immediately searched and found another great book to read!  So, apologies if it's not the "correct" way for a blogger to review books, but I just couldn't resist reading another, although I had just finished!  Please forgive me!

 A Night on the Orient Express
By: Veronica Henry

I know, I know!!  It wasn't long ago, I did a review of one of Ms. Henry's other books !  What can I say???  When I find an author I enjoy I try to devour all of their books.  I'm the same with chocolate.  Right now it's Dove bars, I'm obsessed with them and they are the only candy bars I currently crave....  It's the same with my authors...


I am thrilled beyond belief about this one!!  I really hope that I can attract some new US readers to one of my all time favorite authors.  I think it's such a shame that I can't walk in a bookstore to see her books.  Should I tell you, or should I not??  I guess perhaps I should spill the beans!!  I'm thrilled to announce that HERE, right here I am going to have the opportunity to GIVEAWAY one of Ms. Milly Johnson's books!!
She is going to send the winner one of her books.  I still have to work out the details, but I'm hoping to announce it VERY soon!  So, please stay tuned!  If you aren't following me, please follow me on GFC and also please follow me on Bloglovin' !  I am currently working out the details and would love to have some input on which book of Milly Johnson, you think I should offer!!

Get a head start!!  The books listed here, def won't be part of the giveaway!  So, grab them now!!


A Summer Fling

Here Come the Girls

Books on My Bookshelves (or somewhere hiding in my disaster of a home)

Currently Reading:

 Only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle!
Escape for the Summer

To Be Read: (One day....  Why aren't there more hours in the day, or more of me??)

Buy HardCover or Paperback on Amazon: 
The Unpredictable Consequences of Love

Ok, so I have had my hands on this for about a week now!  I really have no excuse other than I've been super busy and only able to read late at night when I usually pull out my Kindle....  Since there isn't a US Kindle version available...  I am a weird chick and I read my paperback / hard copy books during the day and then my Kindle reads at night...  Maybe when things slow down a bit I can really immerse myself in the wonderful world of Jill Mansell.  Anyone who knows me, probably tires of my endless praises of Jill Mansell, but I cannot help myself she's ADDICTIVE!



More Great Reads Hiding In My Home... Eeek....  Sssh....  Don't tell....
The Greatest Love Story of All Time ONLY $1.99!


Ellie Andrews Has Second Thoughts

Chasing Daisy ($8.42)

So, I have had a few of these books for quite some time.  I got sidetracked when I was asked to read a couple of books.  I felt obligated to the authors of those books, to keep my promise and wanted to read those in a very timely manner.  After all, I so would love to be contacted OFTEN to read MORE fabulous books.

Ahem...  Um... Calling: KATIE FFORDE, JILL MANSELL, MILLY JOHNSON, CAROLE MATTHEWS, HARRIET EVANS, CATHY WOODSMAN, KATHRYN PLAYER,  LET ME BE YOUR GUINEA PIG.... PLEASE, WITH SUGAR ON TOP!!! I know I've left out a million or gazillion fabulous authors.... Mary Kay Andrews, Sophie Kinsella!!!  There are just sooooo many I adore!

Recently Purchased:
The Perfect Match

I have honestly been dying to purchase this book, but couldn't afford the $18 plus shipping cost!  Thankfully, I was finally able to get it for around $14 with shipping included!!

I have so many more I could sit here and list!  I can't count how many books that I currently have waiting on the sidelines for me to open the pages!!

Thanks for once again tuning into my little old page!  I do hope that if you haven't yet enjoyed some of these great books, you will give them a try!  I would love to know what you think!  These are truly some of my all time favorite authors!

I started blogging primarily to try to shed a spotlight on the fabulousness that is UK Chick-Lit / Irish Chick-Lit.  I do love my American authors as well, don't get me wrong.  There's just something so refreshing in their humor!  I love it.  It just feels so honest and real to me.

What books are you currently reading??  I would LOVE to hear back!!  Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself :(  I mean, I promise I don't answer myself... At least not that I'll admit to.

Are you stoked about the Milly Johnson giveaway??  Which book would you like to be on offer??  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that Ms. Johnson is the FIRST author who has offered to do a giveaway on my blog.  I have to admit, My head inflated for a short period of time!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! So cute and perfect. I have read Jill mansell and one of Milly johnsons and they are amazing books! Have you ever read Giovanna fletchers two books? They are so emotionally brilliant you need to try.

Please check out my blog and leave me a cheeky little comment?

Lots of Love
Tina xoxo

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