Milly Johnson Rafflecopter Giveaway!

Milly Johnson Giveaway!

I have been obsessed now for about three years with UK books.  UK authors, as well as Irish authors (which I at first thought Milly Johnson was, after discovering her through a fellow Twitter book lover) have such a unique gift of integrating humor with serious topics and creating such real and flawed and LOVABLE characters.

There are so many brilliant authors from the UK, but there are a few authors that I don't think get enough advertising and so a ton of US folks miss out on these fabulous authors.  Currently, we cannot walk into a store and grab a Milly Johnson book.  I know for myself, I was reluctant to want to spend big bucks and wait forever for a book in the HOPE that I MIGHT enjoy her.

Luckily, now there are so many of these fabulous books available for those who read on Kindle!  However, there's still nothing like holding a book in your hands and smelling the newness of it.  The crisp pages.  It's exciting!  I have about half of Milly Johnson's books on Kindle and the other half hard copies!

I was super thrilled with Ms. Johnson offered to give the winner of the giveaway a book!!  She even allowed me to choose which book to giveaway.

As I'm sure there will hopefully be a ton of entries, some may not be familiar with Ms. Johnson's work and so I wanted to choose what I believe to be a great starter book.  However, in the event that perhaps a reader had already read one book, I wanted to have at least a choice.

SOOOOOO.... Drumroll please....

The two books which I have decided to offer as a CHOICE for the winner of the giveaway are:

The winner will CHOOSE one of the above books:  White Wedding OR The Yorkshire Pudding Club.

All of Milly Johnson's books are spectacular.  But, I chose these because they are really good examples of what to expect in a Milly Johnson book.  They are romance novels, with a ton of humor, as well as some drama mixed in with strong bonds of friendship.

I truly believe ANYONE who stumbles across a Milly Johnson book and gives it a chance will fall head over heels as I did!  Within months of reading the first book I had ordered and read her whole backlog of books!

In ADDITION to winning one of these fabulous books, I am also sending the winner a "Cat's Eye Teapot Necklace" in honor of Milly Johnson's newest book, "The Teashop on the Corner".  Which is currently available on Amazon Kindle!  So, you don't have to wait to win the giveaway to start reading Milly Johnson's fabulous books!  Checkout all of her books that are available now on Kindle:Milly Johnson's books !

The Rafflecopter!
Open to US Residents Only!

One winner will be selected by random draw through the Rafflecopter widget!  You can enter multiple times by tweeting once a day!  Good Luck!  And please, share on Facebook & Twitter!!  Good luck to all!!

So, a few new tasks have been added to give folks more chances to win!

**  PLEASE NOTE:  The winning entry WILL be validated!  Anyone who did not complete the tasks, will be disqualified and another winner WILL be chosen!

Thanks for Entering!  Good Luck to you ALL

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To read more about Milly Johnson: All about Milly


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the contest Jessica! I'm entering. Stacy Carr (your friend from the meme groups)

Anonymous said...

I have never read a Milly Johnson book but I think I'd like to try Yorkshire Pudding Club the most because I'm currently pregnant! Stacy Carr

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