Review: Veronica Henry's Night on the Orient Express

Book Review
By: Veronica Henry

This is my second book by Ms. Henry!  It wasn't long ago that I reviewed another of Ms. Henry's books, 
The Long Weekend!  Wow, just checked it's already been over a month!  How this time has flown!  I have actually read many more books than I have reviewed this past month! I just didn't realize how really time consuming it can be to put together a decent post or review!  I want to be able to provide ways to get in contact with authors, etc that I review and when your computer freezes every few seconds when your screen hopping, it can be a tad tedious.  Ok, I'll stop whining or whinging? now!

I was so captivated by The Long Weekend, that I immediately went online and purchased three more books from Ms. Henry!  What can I say about this wonderful book??

There are many characters you will meet when you board the Orient Express.  Each of them with their own history and their own futures.  This book shows you the lives of several people who will board the Orient Express and depart changed forever.

Meet The Passengers on The Orient Express...

Adele Russell, a grandmother, is one of the central characters in the story.  Adele's story bounces back from present day to past.  There's a long buried secret in her past that she must now face.  Or, rather her granddaughter must face for her.

Imogene, Adele's granddaughter, has her own story.  Her own secrets and struggles.  She's turning thirty, and with this pinnacle age, she starts to look at her life and sees that she needs to move her story forward.  But, in moving herself forward, she may have to let go of her secret passion and love.  Her grandmother sends her aboard the Orient Express to fetch her birthday present.  She has some inner struggles aboard the Orient Express and she must make some hard decisions.  She has no clue that her destination: Venice will hold some truths about her own life and what choices she must make.  She's no clue until she arrives at the gravity and how this visit will map out the course of her life.

Riley is an aged photographer.  The Orient Express trip isn't one that's exactly new to him, it's been an annual event for him for quite some time.  However, a recent brush with death, has made him start taking an inventory of his life and what it is he wants.

Sophie an aging model / actress is also no stranger to The Orient Express.  Having lived quite a full and fun-filled and eventful life, she's still a bright light wherever she goes.  Her life though, is about to take an unexpected detour.

Archie, whom this trip was somewhat of a surprise, is in mourning.  He's only on the trip to keep a promise. He has no expectations, but maybe it's a nice distraction.

Emmie, she's somewhat of an unsuspecting passenger as well.  Yet, she is giddy with excitement over the possibilities the Orient Express holds!  She takes all the fabulousness that surrounds her in and soaks it up.  A hat maker by trade, she sees inspiration all around.  She might not have planned to board the Orient Express, but the opportunity is not lost on her.  She truly appreciates the gift bestowed upon her.

Then there's Stephanie and Simon along with the kids.  This is their first "family" trip.  Stephanie's not long been with Simon and the children.  She is still a bit uncertain about her placement in this ready made family she's joined.  The Orient Express will not be the relaxing getaway they had imagined.  There are revelations along the span of the trip.  The question is, has Stephanie made a massive mistake?  She finds herself in the center of family mess.

This book made me feel every possible combination of emotions.  I laughed, I rolled my eyes, I got mad and I cried.  I felt myself drawn into the lives of all of these people and rooting for them.  I wanted them each to have their happy ending.  Ms. Henry was masterful in weaving the lives and stories of the characters so seamlessly.  It touched on some very real topics that most of us encounter at some point in our lives.

This was a book about true love, family, letting go of our pain, moving on!  It was a story about the ties that bind us together. It was a beautiful story that shows how sometimes we must forsake our own happiness for our love of others.  I'm sure we have all had to make choices like that at some points in our lives!  It's not always easy to choose happiness for others over own happiness, but sometimes it's needed. 

Finding contentment in the lives we have, despite the imperfections is very important to help the ones you love flourish and grow into the people they were meant to be. 

I definitely give this book 5 Star!!  To say that I enjoy Veronica Henry's works would be a huge understatement. I've read three in just the past month!  Each was truly touching in it's own way. I look forward to reading more books from Ms. Henry!

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A Night on the Orient Express

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