REVIEW: The Unpredictable Consequences of Love by: Jill Mansell

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love
The Unpredictable Consequences of Love
 By Jill Mansell

Jill Mansell is among my all time favorite authors.  She is at the top of the league in what she does.  I absolutely adore her quirky characters, she has a way of making them each come to life.  I love how the women in her books tend to be strong characters, while not perfect, they usually have a very good sense of self.  When reading a Jill Mansell book I become transfixed, I feel as if I'm part of the book.  Another character on the sidelines watching the drama unfolw.

When I read books by Miss Mansell, I envision these quaint little villages nestled among beautiful rolling green hills (maybe I have England confused with like Ireland or something, please forgive me as I've never traveled abroad and only have my imagination or films to give me my imagery).  I even created a Pinterest board to make these places come to life even more for myself.

Unpredictable Consequences of Love is Jill Mansell's newest novel.  It felt like ages waiting for it to arrive from the UK!  I so desperately wanted to sink my teeth in!!

In "Consequences", the story is set in the  beautiful seaside town of St.Cary's.  Like most of Jill Mansell's books there are a wonderful array of characters within the pages.  The story mainly seems to be surrounding a family hotel.  The hotel run by Josh and his grandmothe (Dot), is the backdrop for a lot of the drama that unfolds within the book.

Josh has just recently returned to St. Cary's leaving the exciting world as "Rockstar Manager".  Being fired by the up and coming band he had helped to nourish and help them to rise their star, he's a bit on the tense side and doesn't seem all that happy to be back in St. Cary's.

Josh is immediately taken with Sophie Wells, a local and independent photographer, and is completely taken back by Sophie's seemingly indifference to his pursuits.  Josh, whom isn't quite used to women turning him down, becomes a tad obsessed with Sophie and feels that there is more than meets the eye.

Sophie Wells who is determined to remain single for the rest of her remaining days,is at first able to resist Josh's persistence.  However, after awhile, she finds her resistence starting to slip.  However, Sophie's past keeps her from giving in and continues to shoot Josh down at every turn.  

Tula, Sophie's closest friend, finds herself without a job and comes to St. Cary's to find work.  She soon finds employment at Josh's family hotel.  While Sophie is adamant to resist Josh's advances, Tula finds herself captivated by the young hotel owner.  She has a desperate crush, that is unfortunately not reciprocated.  Instead Tula has meanwhile caught the eye of local "playboy" Riley.  Tula fines Riley, however handsome, not a boy to be taken seriously.  She wants a man with ambition and Riley is seriously lacking.

I know, I could just keep going about these wonderfully delicious characters and their plots.  Jill Mansell knows how to juggle multiple characters simultaneously and how to weave their stories together so they fit like a perfectly made quilted blanket.

This story has a perfect love triangle.  Riley who wants Tula, Tula who wants Josh, Josh who wants Sophie and Sophie who wants...  Well Sophie wants no one.  There's something in Sophie's past that has paralyzed Sophie emotionally.

It's been a little over a week since I read this book.  Yet, the details and all the drama just keeps flooding back and I can still feel the excitement I felt when I read and page by page was immersed inside the lives of Sophie, Josh, Tula, Riley, Dot, Marguerite (Riley's aunt who is also a famous best selling author), and Josh's grandfather.
There are so many layers to this story, it's like peeling back an onion only to discover yet another added layer.  Jill Mansell created such a wonderful cast of characters with a deliciously juicy storyline.  This is what keeps her among my favorites.  I laughed, I cried, I got mad.  This book will make you feel every emotion possible.  This is a definite read for ANY chick-lit fan!!!

DEFINITE FIVE STARS!!! ***** 5 STARS LOL!  This book was definitely worth the wait!!

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