Review: Moving On By: Trisha Grace

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Disclaimer:  I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  The thoughts and opinions                 expressed here are my own.

Last week, I had just finished writing my post for Findo's Mousetrap, when I received an email request asking if I might would be interested in reading this book.  Once I read that blurb, and saw it was an inheritance book plus combined with being a Christian book, I was thrilled and honored to accept the invitation to read Moving On.

I am no stranger to Christian Fiction.  Some of my favorite books have been written by Christian authors, Frank Peretti, T. Davis Bunn and Max Lucado.  However, one genre that I haven't ever much been able to get into is Christian romance.  It's nothing that I can exactly put my finger on, it's just I haven't really been able to find many books in that genre that appeal to me.  Being a Christian myself, and an avid reader, it's somewhat of an embarrassing admission.

So, while I was excited for the opportunity to read Moving On, I had no expectations going in.  The premise was one that I enjoy reading about in my normal reading, Rom Com.  

William Hayes is a man with regrets.  As a part of his dying wish, he hopes to make some past mistakes right.  Five years ago Kate Mitchell met William Hayes at the nursing home where her grandmother was a resident.  Mr. Hayes had been a volunteer and soon they formed a lasting friendship and strong bond.  Kate, unbeknownst to her, becomes a central figure in William Hayes' plan to right a wrong.

The main story revolves around the will of Mr. Hayes and the conditions set forth before the true wishes can be put into effect.  Tyler, is  William Hayes estranged grandson.  Years ago, a tragic accident occurred, resulting in the untimely death of Tyler's parents.  It also marked the end to Tyler's relationship with his grandfather.  Tyler, a man who has allowed bitterness to set in, must now face the past that he has worked hard to forget.

Kate plays a pivotal role in helping Tyler face the past.  Strangers when they meet, they quickly form a strong bond and a deep emotional connection.  There are of course some supporting roles, supplying us with some extra fun and at times rather bizarre scenes, but the story clearly is about Kate and Tyler. 

I have just read some other reviews about this book, there was talk about how there were too many characters, some typing errors...  I honestly, didn't pick up on any errors, but I was entranced by the story.  If there are errors (which I have read Best Seller's that had their share of typos and grammatical error and Lord knows that high-priced editors had to work on those books), human's are subject to error.  It's in our nature to make mistakes.

There were a few parts that seemed a little "high-strung" and perhaps some parts that weren't played out quite enough.  I feel as if the one thing that perhaps the author maybe missed out on was seeing a little more of Kate's sister.  It seemed a little unusual the gaps in their interactions and their storyline maybe could have been a tad more focused on.  However, it didn't play a big part in the big picture of the story.

If you enjoy lighthearted romance books, without all of the un-needed parts, then this would be a great story. The flow was so natural and really made sense.  It never felt forced.  I think when an author can have a lot of dialogue between characters and it feels like a natural conversation, instead of choppy, it's a true sign of whether or not an author has talent.  I will definitely be reading more books in this series.  

While, it's not a book I would have seeked out, it's a book that I definitely am glad to have been able to read. I promise, there are many times, even by my favorite authors that I cannot get past the first few pages.  I simply cannot make myself read a book if it holds no interest to me.  This book so easily grabbed my attention and was able to keep it.  That's a feat in itself.  I'm notoriously ADD and very bad about not finishing things I start...  

One of the things that I loved is that it was a perfect balance of regular book and faith based.  Christians are just normal people.  We have normal lives, with normal reactions.  I think that it's important as Christians to be able to reach non-believer's and not seem confrontational.  To show faith by our actions, not by our words.  This to me, was a perfect example of the way that we should incorporate faith into our lives.  Lead by example, let our lives be a testament and give glory to God, but not make people feel as if we are drowning them or being judgmental.  

This was a great story about letting go.  We all have had things that have wounded us deeply.  It's how we choose to live our lives and deal with the pain that shapes who we are and who we become.  When you hold on to the pain or anger, you allow bitterness to seep in and it soon engulfs your whole life.  Tyler was clearly a man who had been consumed with bitterness.  

Yet, you had Kate, who had herself gone through her own pain.  Yet, she chose to let go and let God and she was able to move on with her life.  Kate lead by example, she didn't judge Tyler for his pain and bitterness.  She showed him it's ok to be hurt.  She helped to show that he didn't need to hold on to it anymore.

I would rate this a 5 star.  I could careless if a book has some typos or grammatical errors, the fault can lie in the editing (ALTHOUGH, I never noticed any mistakes).  What matters to me, is does it make sense?  Does it capture my attention, does it feel forced?  Did the characters move the story forward?  To me, this book ticked all my boxes.  I look forward to reading more from Trisha Grace.

Thanks so much for taking time to read my lil' ol' blog!  

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