Under $5 Kindle Deals

Best of Under $5 Kindle Deals

So, if you are like me, you read incredibly too fast to constantly afford to be paying $12 plus for new books. I seriously could not afford my reading addiction, if it weren't for Amazon 99 cent specials and the amazing under $5 deals I find.  Thanks to the publishers and Amazon or whomever is responsible for setting the prices, that they sometimes lower the prices on some truly fabulous reads.

I have tirelessly scoured Amazon to bring you books that are truly worthy of being the best, in the hope that you can find some new to you authors as well as some great deals.  This list only contains books that I have personally read and found to be 4 star minimum quality books.  Of course I am a tad biased, because I think almost all UK books are five stars...  

Here we go....  Are you ready???  This is by NO means a complete list of all the fab books under $5, just a highlight of great deals currently going on.  So, please know it's not meant to be a complete list, or the list would go for miles.  There are, after all, an amazing amount of great books under $5.

And the WINNERS are......
All books are full length books.  

To purchase these books, simply click the pics.  It will take you directly to it's corresponding Amazon page.  At least, I hope it does.

Two Fab Reads by: Milly Johnson
Ok, I feel as if I sound like a broke record when I continue to go on and on about the fabulousness that is Milly Johnson.  I fear a restraining order is imminent.  Regardless, she is absolutely a master of her craft.  She always delivers fantabulous characters in quirky settings and wonderfully imperfect mishaps along the way.  I ALWAYS manage to get NOTHING done while reading one of her tales, as I can't manage to tear myself aways from the characters she creates.  Just trust me, you so need to try her if you haven't yet.

              Both of these fab books are just $1.99

Summer Day Dreams & A Cottage by the Sea by: Carole Matthews
These are just two of the fab under $5 deals by Carole Matthews.  Carole Matthews is one of the best top notch UK authors.  I know I haven't spoke much about her, I need to reRead her books, so I can give a fresh perspective on this fab author.
           Both are just $3.99

By Trisha Ashley:
One of my favorite UK authors, Trisha Ashley has a unique way of transporting you to the little villages nestled inside her fabulous imagination.  I've read most all of her books, and they always manage to hit the spot.  Most of Ms. Ashley's books can be purchased for less than $8, making it quite affordable to purchase up all her fab books.

.99            $1.99

Katie Oliver:
All of Katie Oliver's books are currently under $5.  She's a fairly new American author (I thought she was from the UK- which is kinda  compliment from me).  This definitely is a good place to start.

  Just .99 for this fab books.  ALL OF HER BOOKS are under $4!!!

Ali McNamara
A very fun, interesting romp on a deserted island...  What could be more fun??


WENDY HOLDEN A fab author, with whom after reading one book, I quickly devoured them all.

 $3.03 (a kinda odd number, but still it's under $5!!)

Mary Kay Andrews is my favorite US author, by far.  All of her books are loaded with southern slang and tons of humorous scenes.  If you haven't yet experienced this fab author, I urge you to do so.  One of the books on this list is Savannah Breeze,it can be read as a stand alone, but it is a follow up to Savannah Blues.  Two of Ms. Andrews' funniest novels.  You will LOVE Wheezie

 $1.99         $3.79

Kathryn Player
A debut novel, Moody not Broody is a hilarious, non-stop comedic ride, that will have you doubled over in pain from laughing so hard.  I am so ready for Kathryn Player to write another delicious novel.  


Lucy Robinson
ok.  So, I'm somewhat cheating with these recommendations.  I haven't actually been able to sit down and read these yet, although I have purchased and they are patiently waiting on my Kindle app for me to devour them.  So, I can't actually rave about them YET....  However, I'm thinking that they are going to be winners.

              $2.99 (each are $2.99) (or Free for Prime Readers)

Jenny Oliver
A new to me author.  Super cute and fun books.  These were " I'm broke but need a good book" purchases.  Yet, I'm super glad that I was able to discover this fabulous author.  These books are longer than a short story, yet a little smaller than a full length novel.  Making them a great choice for a quick read when you don't have a huge lot of time to spare.

   $ .99           $2.51

Jenny Hale
Ok, so this is another cheat...  I haven't yet read this author as of today.  However, she is on my long list of NEED TO READ.....  I wanted to include her because she is extremely active on social networks and is another American author.  All of my lists are seriously lacking in the American author department.  It isn't that there aren't fab American authors, because there really are.  It's just I have found that I seem to be drawn to village type settings.  I look forward to reading her books because she is compared with some of the above fab authors, that I already know I love.  SO, maybe give her a shot and we can gab together on the discovery of this newish American Author.

              Both are just: $2.99

Elle Lothlorien

SO, this was another add-on I felt needed to be included.  I own most of her books and I absolutely ADORE them all.  These are some other books I need to reRead so I can do a fresh review.  They are such fun books!  I know you will absolutely adore these modern day spins on our favorite fairytales.

  $2.99         $4.99

OK OK OK  I am going to stop adding books now....  Goodness I love books.  I have read way too many I think.  Oh well....  

This List Could Go for Miles...

So, I could definitely keep going and going.  The above list is sooooo not a complete list of all the fabulous books that you can find under $5.  I know that if you haven't yet read the above Milly Johnson titles, I would definitely be snapping those up before the prices go back up.  I am one of those neurotic people who just for fun or maybe out of boredom will just go through Amazon looking up books.  I like finding low priced books for when I am in need of a book fix, but don't want to wait for the post to deliver a hard copy.

I have been fortunate to find some lovely authors by seeking low priced items.  Authors, I may not have ever tried if it weren't for the low price.  Please know that just because an item is low priced, doesn't mean it's lacking in quality.  A lot of publisher's will set a lower price, hoping to attract new readers, therefore finding a new customer for the other books.  It works for me.  I started out reading low priced Milly Johnson and now think nothing about spending $10 or more for one of her books, because I know it's worth it and I definitely want my money to help her continue to be able to do what she's so lovely at. 

Notable Mentions
Some books that just missed that $5 price tag....  These books are above the $5 mark, but definitely wanted to mention them, because while a bit more expensive they are definitely worth the extra prices.  Please note:  I am only mentioning authors with whom didn't have books in the above mentioned.  The authors noted above most probably had books also that just missed the price mark.

Jill Mansell- (Most all of her Kindle books can be purchased for less than $10)

My Kindle Library- Am I obsessed????

$6.15           $6.15

Katie Fforde- Ok, Katie Fforde is definitely in my TOP 5 of favorite ALL TIME authors.  Along with Jill Mansell, Milly Johnson, and Mary Kay Andrews.  I have all of her books, minus The Perfect Match (which I am hoping will come down a tad in price before I purchase).  Her books are like a warm, cozy blanket on a snowy night.  Most of her Kindle Books sell for: $7.59 

                        ALL $7.59

I am certain that a good many of you have already read these fab books, but I truly hope that this somehow makes it to some US readers, who have yet to discover the joys of UK chick lit.  I KNOW that there are a gazillion others that I probably should have included.  Please know that this was a price based list and in no way a list of all of the fab books.  I tried to highlight a few of the awesome American authors as well as UK.  I tend to get so obsessed with my UK authors that I am very bad at neglecting that fabulous American ones as well.

One of the great things about all of the authors on this list is their accessibility to fans.  Each and every author on this list are very active on social networks and truly appreciate their fans.  That speaks volumes to me as an avid reader.  I like knowing that we as readers are appreciated.  These ladies will take time out aof their days to say thank you when you rave over their work.  That deserves a huge kudos.

I eventually want to have easy to get to links to each of their individual networks, but like everything with my blog, it is a work in progress.  As this blog is just a few weeks old, it's still in a growing pains stage as well as seeking it's identity.

I love feedback from the community, so always feel free to comment!

Thanks so much!

Until we meet again!


Sassy Gal


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