Book Review: Katy Carter Wants a Hero

I keep getting the name of this book wrong.  I keep hearing the song "I need a hero.." Playing repeatedly in my head as I think of this book.  A few moths ago I had purchased "Ellie Andrews has Second Thoughts", and not surprising it has gone MIA in this minefield I call my bedroom.  For those who aren't aware, I run an online boutique in which I sell jewelry and accessories, I have well over 200 items, plus add all my books and beauty products and my room is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode at any moment.  Think I'm exaggerating?  Trust me, I'm not.

Ok, ok. So you didn't stop by to read how bad of a housekeeper I am. So, I never have gotten to read "Ellie Andrew" and so "Katy Carter" was my first Ruth Saberton book.  I definitely am now a fan. For all those authors out there, if you feel like you are wasting your time connecting to fans on Twitter, Facebook, and other media outlets, trust me you aren't. One of the things that I appreciate so much about UK authors in general, they are so much more accessible than those of their American counterparts. I, being a huge fan, appreciate this in my authors. 

It also helps to make me want to read an author when I see at they are active in the community and don't disregard or ignore their fans. It was through Twitter and seeing how active Ms. Saberton was that promoted me to want to go out and shell out my hard earned money on a book.  I am far from rich, so I have to be selective with how I spend my money, and perhaps it's just me, but the whole social aspect has really made a difference in my book buying. 

So, onto the good stuff.  I absolutely loved this book.  I loved the whole concept. Katy Carter totally is a representation of those of us whom have active imaginations and are always having a background story going on inside our heads.  Katy Carter is our primary character.  She is an English teacher by day, wannabe authoress by night (or during class, breaks, another time she can find to write). She is obsessed with romance and the concept of the romantic hero. She is constantly making comparisons to the real life men in her life and the romantic hero in her book (Jake). 

She's currently engaged to her live-in boyfriend/ fiancĂ© James. James was a childhood friend turned fiancĂ© after reuniting after years apart. James is a boring banker and doesn't seem to appreciate the bubbly personality in Katy, and even seems to be trying to smother the creative side.  He's far from supportive of her dreams of writing a book.  In English terms, he's a real wanker. Katy, can't seem to fathom why he would deign to be with her lowly self and feels he's much too good for her. 

Ollie is Katy's best friend and tries, along with her other friends to point out James and his reprehensible behavior. Ollie and his cousin Frankie have so e of the funniest scenes throughout the whole book.  Although, to be honest this book is a non-stop fun roller coaster of events. You have Katy and her storybook characters, James and his snootiness, Ollie the super fab friend, Frankie the over-the-top rocker, Gabriel a super star actor, Guy the fisherman, Jewell the godmother, Richard and Madh the couple whom desperately need to talk (Richard is a priest). With a cast of unforgettable characters, each with well defined personalities and roles, this book is non-stop fun. 

I love books in which the comedic scenes dominate the pages, and this book is definitely filled with loads of humorous mishaps. Ruth Saberton was wonderful at creating lovable and not so lovable characters in which you could relate. I believe we are in store for a sequel out some time next year.  I can't wait to see where Katy Carter and her antics are to take us next. 

I definitely would give this book a 5 star rating. It kept me engaged and had some unexpected twists. It was a very fun read, with the emotional/ romantic bits required for chick-lit. If you've never read any of Ruth Saberton, I would definitely recommend you give her a whirl. She's now an author I will be book stalking and grab inner backlog of books.

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