Scrib'd vs. Amazon Unlimited: A comparison ( Based on the iPad Version)

Scrib'd vs Amazon Unlimited:

Scrib'd versus Amazon Kindle Unlimited
Battle of The BOOKS
Who Wins the Battle of the Books...

I have long been waiting for good services to come out that offer serious readers the chance to do what Netflix did for movie watchers.  I was surprised when it wasn't Amazon who lead the pack.  I suppose in their own way they thought that offering "Prime" members ONE whole book a month from their "Prime" Selection was the Reader's answer to Netflix, umm... nope... Wrong Amazon.  

If you truly are a "serious" reader, one who reads at least a book a week, the Prime version where you could only choose ONE book from a meager amount of titles, truly wasn't going to satisfy your reading needs.  Yet, when Scrib'd first came on the scene, I did look into it, and tried to search for a few of my favorite authors and none of the ones that I automatically look for were in the selection.

Ok...  So, let's disect it.
Scrib'd Monthly Service, $8.99


Ok.  So this is quite easy.  

Scrib'd:  $8.99/ monthly

Kindle Unlimited:  $9.99/ monthly

So, just looking at the two side by side looking at PRICE, Scrib'd is the winner.  Ok, but there's more to the services than just "money".  What reader's want to know is is it worth it?  No one wants to subscribe to a service and then there not be any of the book they are interested in be available...


Ok.  So, if you aren't a chick lit lover, I may honestly not be able to help you here.  I've primarily researched what I like and what I've found.

When Kindle Unlimited began, I immediately signed up for the "free trial", because heck it's free, right??  I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that Carole Matthews had quite a few books available on Kindle Unlimited...  Jill Mansell had one or two...  Milly Johnson:  zilch...  

I can't really tell you exactly what books are party of Kindle Unlimited.  As of right now there truly is no way to find the books that meet MY criteria when I search through Amazon.  They need to create a database for their Unlimited users and perhaps even it's own app.  Because the only reason I found that Ruth Saberton and Carole Matthews were a part of Unlimited, was because I was searching for them anyway.

Now, when I first looked into Scrib'd I mentioned that I had not found any content that really blew my socks off.  Last night I signed up through my "Swagbucks bar" (It's a really neat way to earn points that turn into Amazon Gift Cards or Visa Gift Cards, etc.  I have since beginning - I haven't been too active, I've cashed in for two $5 gift cards!  Not too bad)...  Anyway...  I signed up for the free trial of Scrib'd because I would be able to receive 900 points (equal to $10 in Amazon Gift Cards), plus I really had been wanting to try the service.

Once I was on the site and answered a few questions about my book preferences, it lead me to suggestions.  Let me say, the suggestions were RIGHT on par!  They pointed me to Milly Johnson, Paige Toon, Sue Welfare (I've not yet read her, but now I will!) and Hester Brown.  Plus some other books that truly looked to be MY kind of book!

My Scrib'd Library:  Featuring Paige Toon, Sheila O'Flangan & Milly JohnsonUI / Plus the Algorithms

The UI of Scrib'd truly far surpasses the Kindle App.  When I first received my iPad 1, I had both Kobo and Amazon Kindle apps on it.  However, the Kobo app was so pretty and I loved the way you moved around it.  The Kindle app, just seem so basic and generic when compared to other Reading apps.

You also can "shop" on the Scrib'd app, where the Amazon app, I guess because iTunes wanted to make it harder for Amazon to compete with the iBooks store, made it really difficult and users have to shop in the browser then go back and my Amazon is still trying to send stuff to a device I never have.

The Scrib'd UI is so similar in style to that of Kobo, and the ease in which you move around is really nice.  I think that Amazon really focused their money on their "kindle Fire" UI and those of us "hardcord apple" users have been kinda left in the dust.  It doesn't feel as if Amazon is putting money into making a nice system for us apple folks to use.  Where the Scrib'd app really feels really well made.

I love the books that Scrib'd has selected based on my preferences.  Amazon, just isn't fairing well, because their recommendations aren't just Kindle Unlimited, and I have to dig around to find the good ones.


Scrib'd right now wins HANDS down!  I will probably stick with Scrib'd at least until I've read all that it has to offer.  I may end up cancelling my Kindle Unlimtied.  For the most part, the books available on Unlimited are usually the lower priced books anyway, the ones I can easily afford.  Plus, there really aren't many of the books that I want to read that are at this time being offered.  Since, I likely can't see myself paying $20 for two reading apps I will have to make a cut somewhere.

I'm sorry Kindle Unlimited, unless you change your ways and maybe dress yourself up nicer and show me more of what I want and like, then I think it's time we take a break....  

ON another NOTE:

I'd love to know how these apps affect my favorite author's pockets...  Afterall, I don't want them to be unable to feed their families because I'm using a book service.  I want to be able to have a discount, but not at the expense of authors who work hard to give me these delicious stories to escape from my own mundane life....


Have you subscribed yet to either service?? If you have, which one and why do you love it or hate it?  If you are an author, PLEASE tell me you aren't going to starve if I continue this dirty little habit??  I think maybe this is a great vehicle to catch up on a backlog of older stories, but I promise I will continue to purchase your new titles :)  Please don't hate me because I'm poor and cheap :)


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