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First We Take Manhattan:


In First We Take Manhattan, we meet Sinead and her family who are still mourning the loss of her sister Sheila almost a year ago.  Sheila, whose body was never found, vanishes into thin air.  Leaving behind Philip, her adoring husband;  Sinead her identical twin, and Max their brother as well as their dad.  

Sinead, Sheila's twin of course is probably taking the news harder than anyone.  A hat designer, who had been in business with Sheila, is finding it hard to find inspiration and struggles with just living.  She's shocked into reality when her brother Max (who prepares their finances), informs her that she's going to have to shut down the shop so that she can focus on the "design" aspect of the business or she will lose it all.

On the otherside of the world Krystie, a talented would-be designer, has just lost her job.  With no prospects she knows that there's only one answer:  Go home to Ireland with her tail between her legs.  Little does Krystie know that this is the answer to her prayers.  While she's wasted away years in the "Big City Lights" of New York working as a seamstress, it isn't until she heads back to Ireland that she might just find her true calling.

My Thoughts:

I had never had the pleasure of reading any of Colette Caddle's work prior to receiving this book.  I am so glad that I won this on Facebook and was able to immerse myself inside the fascinating world that Colette Caddle created.

This book was a lovely story about a family who has been ripped apart by the sudden loss of Sheila.  With no body and no hard concrete evidence it makes it hard for this family to move oThe family is stuck between mourning the loss of Sheila to hanging onto the thread of hope that she's still out there.  The question is, if Sheila is alive, what could possibly make her want to leave her old life behind.

Colette Caddle so masterfully told this story.  You know, it's hard for me to know exactly what it is that makes me enjoy a particular book so much.  This time though, it occured to me what it was that had me so hooked.  Ms. Caddle was able to leave an air of mystery throughout the entire book, when you found one piece of the puzzle you discoverd another piece missing.  This kept you unable to put it down, wanting to discover the answers to the every unfolding mysteries that were uncovered.

That's when you know it's a good book, when an author can give you JUST enough information to where you're not feeling exasperated, but you are working out the answers in your own head and SOMETIMES you might be right, but are thrilled when you discover you just THOUGHT you knew.  That's how it was for me with this book.  There were some elements that it didn't take me long to figure out, or well that I had at some point figured out prior to the answer being displayed.

Yet, there were other times when I was just DEAD wrong.  It happens OCCASSIONALLY that I'm wrong :)  I LOVED this book.  I loved the characters that Ms. Caddle created and the way she integrated them into the plot.  It was a story that felt seamless.  It was a relief after some of the books I've read (none that have been reviewed here) where the characters' weren't fully developed and the plots just seemed rushed or there was no "climax".  

In "First We Take Manhattan", you have a lovely story of a family broken, long kept secrets that are uncovered, newfound loves, friendship and self-empowerment and discovering what it is that makes you happy is something we all need to find and hold onto if and when we find it.

This is a DEFINITE 5 star book!  I cannot reitterate how much I loved this lovely, lovely story!  It doesn't appear to yet be available on Kindle, however it doesn't take that long to order and receive it from the UK or Ireland!  I got this book within a week of winning it!  If you haven't ever read Irish or UK literature / chick lit, I'm telling you that there's something so thrilling about the way these women tell stories!  I have found myself searching for new Irish and UK authors when my favs have all been read!

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Thanks again for tuning into my little ol' site!  I hope that you've enjoyed this review!  If you have, I would love to hear your thoughts on this book or if you plan to purchase it!

***  This book was won in a giveaway on Facebook!


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