Review: A Stolen Child by Laura Elliot

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One of the most emotionally charged, captivating books I've read in ages. There were moments when it was so emotionally charged that I actually had to put it down for a bit. It's a brilliantly written book, and the lives of three women are weaved together so expertly and seamlessly.

The story is centered around two women. Suzanne and Carla. Suzanne, it's clear from the beginning is suffering emotionally from the loss of multiple miscarriages. I hadn't really read the description of the book so, I wasn't really sure what to expect. So, it was rather alarming when as the story continued to open up and the idea was formed and born of Suzanne going through the pretense of her pregnancy despite having miscarried. It was kinda like watching a train wreck. Not wanting to look, but being so mesmerized and with a longing to see what was going to unfold.

Suzanne, who has lost her baby and yet decided in a maddening, emotionally charged moment to just bury the truth because she's unable to at that moment deal with the truth of the situation. Yet, as time passes, in order to hide the truth, she must create a new story for herself. And she realizes that the story she's telling will require a child.

Enter Carla. Carla, is a model and has been plastered all over the media during her pregnancy. Carla is married to a undercover detective, who is extremely uncomfortable with all of the publicity and intrusion into their private lives. However, neither could have predicted that a woman unable to face the truth of her own loss, would in a moment see Carla and see with clarity that Carla's child would be her own.

I have to say, I kept thinking HOW.... There were some wonderful pieces throughout the story that in the end makes everything come full circle. The author did an excellent job of breaking this story into wonderful pieces of a puzzle...

The author did such a wonderful job at making you connect with the characters and the story. It really was extremely well done. I cannot convey adequately how wonderful this book is, and how well written it is, and what a wonderful storyteller Ms. Elliot is. While admittedly, there were times it was too emotionally draining for me, and I had to put it down, it still was able to hold my attention.

You know, there are so many times in our own personal lives when sometimes our truth is hard to deal with and so we put it in a box and lock it away to deal with it another day, so in that sense, I could understand Suzanne's character and her motivation, and also why she was at a constant battle with herself. She definitely knew what she was doing was wrong, and because of being Unable to free herself with the truth, she became a prisoner of her own making.

I definitely recommend this book to those who love a good psychological thriller.


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